Romain Bouchereau

Romain Bouchereau


Hi, I’m Romain, 37 years old interactive designer. I’m a nice freelancer. Call me. XOXO I’ve been working for more than 12 years in several agencies and as a freelancer for the past 5 years. I live in Bordeaux ( but I lived in Paris for almost 10 years, so I’m cool. By the way, if you still live there, you should move, your flat is too small, you deserve better). I’m almost married and totally the father of a lovely 8 yo girl and a 2 and half yo boy. Besides my passion for work (bla bla bla), what I like the most is :Video Games, Comics (the european / indie ones, not the DC / Marvel type of always the same shit ones), Music, Motion Design AND Video Games.