Alexandre Dupeyron

Alexandre Dupeyron


Franco-german independent photographer, born in 1983. Graduated from the Emi-CFD. Living and working between Paris, Berlin and Casablanca; after 3 years spent in Morocco, 2 years in Singapore and 1 year in India.


Photojournalist for more than 8 years, specialized in reportage. Working with various photo agencies such as Focus Agentur / Germany, WorldPricutreNews / USA and Abaca / France.


Alexandre works on a wide range of assignments, including creation of image banks for corporate and advertising usage. Naturally attracted by people’s stories, his photography is very lively and humanistic. Examples of recent commissions: Veolia, BASF, Deutsche Bank, Group Safran; Orascom Telecom in Egypt; Tanger-Med the largest cargo port in Africa, ENEDIS, DHL,

Fine Art

In his fine art photography, Alexandre focuses on the thin line between the visible and invisible, tangible and intangible. He strives to extract from reality, a fragile instant of beauty and grace. Past exhibitions Nuits noires photographiques, France(2017) Arles Voies Off, France (2017) Maison de la Nouvelle Aquitaine, France (2017) Photoszene, Köln - Allemagne (2016) Arles Voies Off, France (2016) Kolga Tbilisi photo festival, Géorgie (2016) Atelier Moonshine, France (2015) India Art Fair, India (2014) Manifesto, France (2013) LAB Galerie Artyfact, France (2013) Grille du Jardin public, France (2013) Marche de Lerme, France (2012) Galerie Nadar, Casablanca (2012) False Ceiling Art Gallery, Mumbai (2012) Open Moselle, France (2011) Vue privée, Singapore (2010) Villa Houda, Maroc (2010) Design and Cook Gallery, Maroc (2009) The World Centre for Peace, France (2007) The European Council, France (2006)