Etienne Mineur

Etienne Mineur


designer / creative director


Born in 1968, he received his degree from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs of Paris with a thesis about interactive media design.

As art director in several design agencies, he collaborates in projects for prestigious international institutions and companies (Louvre Museum, Orsay Museum, SNCF, Pompidou Center, BNF) He has produced more than a dozen cultural CD-ROM’s, of which can mention one about Freud (Milia d’Or 1999) and a collection of authors (Marcel Proust…) published by the Bibliothèque de La Pléiade (BNF). He has worked with the Japanese company Issey Miyake to design and produce website during 8 years, which has received numerous awards internationally. He also works in publicity and cultural video, has given courses and lectures in several institutions of superior learning (France, USA, China, Japan…), and is a co-founder of Incandescence (publishing house specialized in themes related to new technologies and experimental art). He worked for Orange, Chanel and Nokia. He is a co-founder of les éditions volumiques, publishing house (

He is a member of the AGI since October, 2000 He has a blog about graphic design and new technology, He is also professor at School of Art : ENSAD of Paris, ENSCI and H.E.A.D in Geneva

Specialties: Design, Art direction, Creative director, Cultural projects, typography, design, interactive design, Game design, inventor.



Étienne est le roi du jeu ! La personne la plus cultivée sur le sujet que je connaisse, il est passionné par toutes les formes de jeu, physique comme digital, et mélange les deux avec un grand talent.