Charlie Montagut

Charlie Montagut


After 10+ years of experience in the digital field as former Lead Art Director at Stinkdigital Paris, Hyper Island Alumni. I decided to dedicate myself to the wonderful world of freelancing. Even though I am Specialised in immersive experience and digital communication. I tend now to put myself in all sorts of creative projects that involves using both my left and right cortex .

As a Creative Director i am well used to conceive and pitch my ideas * in english or french * to any size of clients. I speak the language of developers, and love what technology can bring to a project. But I also am a craftsman that is still wondering what not to learn. I now do UX/U, Branding, Direct Films & photography, Graphic Design, Motion Design,… Let’s say i am a studio on my on.

I have had the chance to work for big brands and small beautifull ones. Google, Nike, Chanel, Lacoste, Ubisoft, Lenovo, Cobalte Vodka, Ray-Ban, 13eme Rue, Absolut, Skittles, Shake-Shak, WWF, Le printemps, Coty I have been a judge for awwwards, the Fwa, and the Webbys and my work have been featured on behance,, communication art, site inspire, pattern tap, Kikk festival ( talk ). I won 30+ international awards ( FWA, webbys, Lovies, Eurobest, Awwwards, …) I am a lecturer in webdesign / creativity at Bordeaux III university.